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  • Danielle Spotz

Gingham 2-piece

Hi everyone! I just wanted to come to y'all with the most ADORABLE 2-piece I have probably ever seen. As soon as I saw it, I ordered it within 30 seconds LOL. It's honestly really hard to find a good quality co-ord set and I've been searching for the perfect one for probably months now! The best news about it is that it is only.... wait for it.... $15!!!!!!!!!!! It's from BooHoo (my favorite online retail store) and they almost ALWAYS have 1/2 off to 70% off deals, so don't ever buy anything full price because chances are it will be on sale the next day. So it was originally $30 and that's still such a steal and getting it half off was just icing on the cake. I ordered a 2 because their sizes are european. That's the only down-side to their website is the sizing can be off but once you know what size fits you from there, pretty much everything will fit you. Sometimes if they are out of a 0 or 2 I order a 4 and can still be fine. It just depends on how loose or tight you want certain things to fit.

Okay now on to the actual 2-piece. First of all, its Gingham. I honestly have never found myself trying to look for this pattern but recently I have been searching for it everywhere. I love the shorts and ruffles on the bottoms of it. The top really just goes so perfectly with the shorts and it's just such a fun look for the summer! You could also wear the shorts with other tops and vice versa.

On another note, I am finally done with finals! I have moved out of my dorm and into a new home all in a day so it's been a crazy time. I'm now able to relax and enjoy my summer and I can't wait to show y'all the cute outfits I have coming soon! Love to all. xoxo

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