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  • Danielle Spotz

Bridesmaid Dress

Dress / Heels / Tiffany necklace /Kate Spade Earrings

Hey y'all! So, I know that most of you probably aren't interested in buying this exact bridesmaid dress but I wanted to make this blog post a little more personal. But hey, if you're here for this dress than GIRL I got it for you.

Today was such a special day because I got to see my dad say "I do" to a lifelong partner and not only that but we got to blend our two sweet families together. Everything was perfect and we have so much of our family in town that nothing could've ruined this day. There really is nothing like having so many people you love in one room. It's so exciting to watch your family grow in happiness, love AND SIZE (LOL)

I decided to include a few pics from the wedding but be sure to check out the links as I've put all jewelry, accessory and dress details above. Hope you guys have a great weekend! xoxo

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