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  • Danielle Spotz


Fall is quickly approaching and if there's one thing I love, it's fall fashion. There are just sooooo many different looks and styles you can wear during this season and it makes shopping so much fun. These are my top 10 picks that YOU need in your collection this fall.

BLANKET SCARF - $9 Blanket scarves are such a classic way to dress up a look or change an outfit up

EMBROIDERED DRESS -$35 Embroidered dresses are so IN right now and they are PERFECT for this time of year. You can wear with them with booties or OTK boots

VELVET DRESS-$15 I am swooning over velvet and suede being in. I adore this velvet dress because it feels so luxe and is able to keep me pretty warm. I can't wait to wear this with my leather jacket and boots

OVER THE KNEE BOOTS - $148 OTK boots are such a must have for this season. I have a black pair and I'm waiting to get my gray pair in. These are such a fun way to do an outfit up.

TORY BURCH RIDING BOOT- $300 (Now $200 off!!) O-M-G you guys! The Tory Burch riding boots are $200 off right now.

WOOL HAT- $40 I love love love the look of wool hats in the fall. Especially worn with a chunky sweater and tights.

JEANS - $64 Everyone needs a new pair of jeans for fall right? Nordstrom has a ton of jeans on sale right now and these Articles of Society ones are incredibly cute and super affordable

LIGHT SWEATER- $39 Light sweaters are so good to wear in the fall because you don't wear them for absolute warmth. It's just there as a light layer and it looks so cute.

PEPLUM TEE- $39 I've said it once and I'll say it again. Peplum is my favorite trend right now and I'm so pumped that it's in season again this year! I will definitely be stocking up on my peplum tees this fall.

CROSS BODY PURSE- $46 With every season, comes a new purse. This one is perfect for all fall looks because it has a little suede on it and it's such a good shade.

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