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A Look Back at 2017 + My 2018 goals

I am not one that relies on the New Year to start suddenly making changes about my life. Sometimes I even find it silly that people wait all year to want to make drastic changes because I think you can improve your life at any time you want. But New Years shouldn't be about changing yourself completely because who you are at your core is most likely who you will always be. There are always ways to improve yourself though and make healthier life style choices for yourself. That's what my New Year is all about.


This year has been a year of complete growth for me. I have stepped outside of my comfort zone in 2017 and created this blog. I didn't know where it would take me or how long I would do it for. I had no idea I would work with so many amazing brands and companies. (DIFF Eyewear, My Makeup Brush Set, All for Color, Hazel and Olive Boutique, Boho Queen Jewelry, En creme, Penny and Belle Boutique, and more) My main goal when I started this blog was to get on Reward Style's and I DID IT. I didn't think it was possible to be apart of the Reward Style team after getting rejected. But I didn't give up and now it's such a blessing and so fun to be apart of. Here are some of my top posts of 2017:


I exceeded all my expectations that I had in school and made the Presidents list both semesters. This is a big deal to me because in high school, I FEARED college and didn't know if I was even going to succeed after hearing the horror stories of some college classes and professors.

I got to travel to 2 of the top places on my bucket list- Paris and London. I had dreamed of going to London ever since I was a kid and I can't explain how magical it felt to step off the plane and see all the little taxi cabs in the street. And as for Paris- who doesn't dream of visiting this city?! It was one of my favorite 10 days EVER.

I've had some of the highest highs and lowest lows this year as well, but all of those lows have only made the highs that much sweeter. It's made me appreciate my family, my friends and my loved ones even more.



1. I want to be more organized in all aspects of my life. I want to organize and plan my posts better and have it all on a calendar for when I'll do photoshoots and when posts will go live. I'm hoping this will help me be more consistent with my content and better organized, rather than putting a post together in a few hours and posting it immediately.

2. Taking better care of myself. I'm on the go go go all the time and sometimes it's hard to find quiet time during a day to just relax and rejuvenate my mind. It's easy to have too much on my plate, so this year I want to make it a point to treat myself better and take care of myself. Whether that be eating healthier food, relaxing, getting 8 hours of sleep, MAYBE even exercising. No matter the case, I want there to be a time every single day where I'm doing something to take care of myself and my mind. This next year will be especially hard because I just added an extra activity and responsibility on my plate, on top of working, blogging, and school so this goal is going to be really important to me.

3. I really want to land some big brands to work with this year. I love working with brands and creating content for people. I want to invest more into my blog and start doing things outside of the box. I'm excited to see where my second year of blogging takes me. I REALLY want to get to 10k followers on instagram. That may sound like a superficial goal to have, but I want to know that there are people out there reading my blog, enjoying it, and liking the content I put out. I want to keep growing and I will with time. Maybe this year will be my year.

These were just a few of my goals. It's important to write goals down and keep them in the front of your mind so you know you have something to work toward every day. I'm excited for the new year and I hope you finish and start your year off with lots of joy happiness and memories to look back on. Here's to 2018....... I have a good feeling about this one.

What are some of your resolutions this year?

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