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  • Danielle Spotz

Athleisure Wear

Who else loves athleisure wear? I live in athleisure on a daily basis because I'm a college girl just going to class every. This is one of my favorite looks to wear.

I've had these leggings for 2 years now and they are still in perfect condition. And these are by far the most comfiest leggings you could ever possibly wear. They fit so slimming on your legs and have a soft material. The best news? They're also on sale!!! Just click the link above to shop. 

Now let’s talk about these Nike shoes. First of all, they’re only $64 right now instead of $85. This is such a good deal because everyone needs a good pair of running shoes. These are so lightweight and comfortable, it barely feels like I’m wearing shoes! 

This Northface jacket has quickly become my go-to throw on. I’m always cold and this is the lightest jacket ever but it keeps you so warm. It’s easy to take places and pack because you can fold it up really small. If there’s one good casual jacket you need- it’s this one! I can’t recommend it enough. 

-Thanks for stopping by! Xoxo 

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