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Business Casual

Hows everyone's week going? It's only tuesday but it feels like this week is 10 years long. Ever have those weeks where there's just NOT enough time in the day to do accomplish what you need to do. It's felt like that for me a for a while now. But anyway, I woke up today and thought "I'm 20 years old, I should be sophisticated and wear heels" LOL so here I am, bringing you my version of business casual. I love this look and I love how it added so much flare to a normal "dani outfit". I've always loved the look of heels and jeans together and have to say that I will definitely be wearing outfits like this more often. I mean look at how businessy I look? ;) (besides the ripped jeans right?)

You can click the links underneath the pictures to shop or visit the "shop my feed" page to see where all my outfits are from and easily shop.

Thanks for checking out my post! xoxo -Danielle

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