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How To: Ace Your Finals

Succeeding in School

Finals are quickly approaching and there is nothing more stressful to a college student than finals. When it comes to finals, I become very hyper focused on what I need to get done to succeed. I do tend to get really good grades (not to toot my own horn or anything) but it's worked for me, so I'm hoping this can help you too.

Step 1: A few weeks before finals, I always sit down and look at my grades. I look at what I have in the class and start calculating what I need on all my finals to get an A. You can do this by looking at your syllabus and adding up the different sections of grades you know you have, and guessing on the other grades that are still left open. Once this is done, I take the percentage of what the final is worth and use that to calculate which grade I need to get an overall A in the class (or whatever grade you are hoping for)

Step 2: ATTEND EVERY CLASS LEADING UP TO FINALS. You should be attending every class anyway to get the most out of your education, time and money. But, it's especially important during the 2 or 3 weeks leading up to finals. During this time most professors are reviewing and going over what will be on the final, so it's crucial to attend, take notes and soak up everything the professor says.

Step 3: I make a "studying schedule" This sounds like overkill but it's really not. I make 2 separate lists. One is for the assignments that still need to get done but the other is a studying schedule. I write all my days and which days I will study for which tests. This is so helpful because then I don't get overwhelmed and frantic wondering which test to study for.

Step 4: Start studying a week before your tests. I like to start studying a little bit of information before the really hard cramming starts, just so I can begin retaining information. This will save you tons of time and stress later on.

Step 5: During the week of finals, study in a group of people that are in your classes. It's helped me so much to study for the same test and have other people there to offer insight and another brain that has other information.

Step 6: On the day before your finals start, it sounds cliche but DON'T STAY UP ALL NIGHT. Get a good night's sleep, study during the day, take breaks, eat snacks and go to bed early. Nothing is worse than waking up for a final being sleep deprived.

And that's about it. I would love to hear your thoughts on what you do to prepare for your finals. Good luck, lets kick some finals butt!

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