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Life Update + Pinstriped Outfit

Anyone else obsessed with pinstripes like me? They are everywhere I look and I keep buying them LOL. It's becoming a problem. Not really, but really. I love pinstriped shirts, dresses, rompers, you name it. The one I'm wearing is from Forever21 and was on sale for the longest time for only $10!! It was sold out the last time I looked but there are plenty of similar ones out there that I'll link for ya. I'm thinking of wearing this dress for Mother's Day. What do you think? This dress is more of a shirt material, which I like. It's not silky but It's still comfortable. The pinstripes facing down SLIM YOU DOWN so much! I love the way this dress looks and feels on and highly recommend it.

LIFE UPDATE: It's currently the weekend before finals and I'm working, packing, moving out AND doing finals. I am finishing up my sophomore year of college and am only 13 classes away from getting my degree. Time really is flying. Lots of stuff is going on but I just can't wait until next weekend. I'm moving out of my first apartment and it's so bittersweet. I love this place and can't wait to move right back in, in a few months lol. I only have 3 finals left which shouldn't be too hard, considering I follow my entire guide to acing finals lol ;) Next weekend, my boyfriend graduates from Ole Miss. We've been doing long distance for 2 years now and it's FINALLY OVER!!!!! I've said before that we've been together for a total of 5 years so it will be SO NICE to have him home again and be in the same place. Right after, we are headed somewhere tropical to celebrate!!! Any guesses where? I have lots of fun content coming for you guys in the next couple weeks and really all summer long, so be sure to keep checking back for more outfit inspo, life and beauty advice! Thanks for reading dazzlers!

xoxo Danielle

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