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  • Danielle Spotz

Guide to getting GOOD jeans for LESS

Okay you guys, I'm about to spill the beans on getting super nice jeans for LESS. For me, buying jeans is one of those things that I just dread. It's like we all have to have jeans, so buying them isn't that fun to me. However, I do find it enjoyable to get those nice jeans on sale.

So... here's my secret: NORDSTROM RACK. Yes, a lot of you probably know of Nordstrom rack, but do you know that they have a HUGE selection of jeans that are originally in Nordstrom stores for full priced.... and then get moved to Nordstrom rack for almost half off all the time?!?! I always look on Nordstrom Rack for my denim needs- whether that be jeans, skirts, or shorts.

Here's another secret for ya, if you're a shorter girl like me, then you KNOW how hard it is to find good fitting jeans that aren't too long.... Well I found the answer and the PERFECT pair of white and dark skinny jeans. These 1822 Denim in "cropped" happen to be normal ankles on me (and on anyone who is on the shorter side like me) They are sooooooooo soft and actually feel like a legging material. They don't give me that uncomfortable feeling like most jeans do and I actually WANT to keep them on instead of waiting to take them off. I highly recommend these and the best part is.... they're only $22 on Nordstrom Rack!!! I've linked all of the items above, underneath the pictures :)

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