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~Dress is En Creme~

Happy October! Fall is literally my favorite favorite favorite time of year. I love summer so much, but there is just nothing like the last few months of the year that make me so happy. Since it's officially October, I thought I'd compile a list of my favorite fall activities or dates to do this time of year. (If you live in the DFW area I have a few extra ideas for ya) Now of course you don't have to go on dates to these places, take your friends, your family, your dog, anyone!


THE TEXAS STATE FAIR- Okayyyyyy this one is a given. The State Fair is so fun. You can eat all the corndogs and funnel cakes you want while riding the giant ferris wheel. There is nothing like a day at the fair.

PUMPKIN PATCHES- I LIVE for pumpkin patches. Each year I try to go to a new and exciting pumpkin patch. Everywhere has them, but if you live in the DFW area, I would check out these: Halls Pumpkin Farm, Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch, Storybook Pumpkin Patch

THE ARBORETUM- I absolutely love the arboretum. This time of year they have 10,000 pumpkin set out in a beautiful display. You can walk all around the garden, have a picnic and enjoy an entire day here. Tickets are $15 person. Check out their website HERE

FRIGHT FEST- If you're into getting spooked and scared, then go to the Six Flags Fright Fest. They have set up multiple haunted houses for your "enjoyment". Tickets are on sale for $50 during Fright Fest season.

HOCUS POCUS IN THE WOODS- I am definitely going to this one. In Dallas, they will be showing Hocus Pocus in the woods on October 20. There will be food trucks, games, fire pits, s'mores, and more! (type in "Hocus Locus in the woods" on Facebook to find tickets)

THE VICTORY CUP- I went to the victory cup in the spring and they're coming back for the fall. On November 3, the Victory Cup will be here. It's a fun polo event with hot air balloons you can ride. You can buy a VIP ticket and get food, drinks, and more! Check out their website HERE.

COWBOYS, RANGERS, MAVS, AND DALLAS STARS games. Dallas has tons of teams and sporting events to enjoy.

VISIT A HAUNTED HOUSE- There are so many haunted houses everywhere. I quick google search will show you which ones in your area are the scariest, funnest, etc.

AN OUTDOOR CONCERT- Look up any local or big time bands that will be performing in outdoor venues near you. I know Dallas has tons.

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