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  • Danielle Spotz

The Perfect Easter Dress

Easter is quickly approaching, and I don't know about you but I love Easter and all the pastels that people get to wear. It's just so cute to see families dressed up together! I got this dress a few days ago and I was apprehensive about ordering it. It's from Amazon and we all know that Amazon can either be a hit or a miss. Well I'm happy to report that this one is a winner in my book. The quality is amazing, the detailing is so cute, it has a zipper in the back and fits great, TTS (true to size) My favorite part?! This dress is only $26........ what!! It's so good and it also comes in 6 other colors! I wore this pretty dress to the bluebonnet fields and I want to wear it on Easter for sure! The links to shop are down below!

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