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  • Danielle Spotz

How To: Transition to Fall

Dress linked HERE // Booties linked HERE // Purse linked HERE //

Living in Texas means knowing that it will stay pretty warm during "fall" and then jump straight to freezing temps in the winter. During these few months, it can be hard to decide what to wear when it's cold in the morning and gets warm in the afternoon. I have a few favorite pieces that I love to use for transitioning into fall. I've listed out a few outfits that you can piece together during this time. As always, thanks for taking the time to read my little corner of the internet. Love you all! xo

  1. Dress (like this one) paired with booties! Wearing booties is such an easy way to take your look from summer to fall. If it's a little colder, I would throw on a cardigan over this dress.

  2. Ripped jeans, short sleeve blouse and cardigan

  3. Jeans, light-weight long sleeve and sneakers

  4. Leggings, pullover and sneakers

  5. Biker shorts, sweatshirt and fashion sneakers

Wearing pieces from your summer wardrobe can be taken into fall by adding a denim jacket, leather jacket, cardigan and blazer. Switch out your sandals for sneakers, booties, flats (mules or loafers). Add heavier accessories such as felt hats, belts and scarves. And BOOM, you've taken all your summer looks into fall!

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