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Hi everyone,


I'm Danielle Spotz and I created this blog with the intention of bringing affordable and stylish fashion to women either on a budget or in college. I am currently a 3rd-year student at the University of North Texas and I know firsthand how hard it is to shop smart and still wear the cutest clothes. I'm here to bring you the latest deals, sales, and more. I have dreamed of making this blog for about three years and decided to make that dream a reality. I knew absolutely nothing about photography, website design, or all the hard work that goes into this before starting. It has been so fun to learn and grow with this blog and I'm excited to share with the world my style and bring the most affordable fashion to you.


Other things about me:


I am a Dallas Native and have been my whole life. I know all the things to do, where to eat, where to shop, so if you need any of those kinds of suggestions; I'm your girl.

Most people know me as Dani, not Danielle. I wanted to be "Danielle" in the professional world but I think I'll always remain a Dani

I am currently studying Public Relations with a minor in psychology


I'm so fortunate to be apart of the family. It's the easiest, fastest and best way to shop my looks. You can find all the links to all my outfits on my "Shop my feed" tab. Or you can go to 


My favorite thing in the entire world is traveling to new places and experiencing all different things. 


I'd like to describe myself as someone who is always on the go, always saying "yes" to little adventures and always doing something. I'm hardly ever home and that's exactly why lol. 


I am a part of the GREATEST sorority in the world- CHI OMEGA. If you are a fellow sister, feel free to contact me I'd love to chat and say hi! 


OBVIOUSLY,  I'm a huge fan of ALL things fashion, beauty, and makeup. 


If you are interested in being a sponsor or collaborating my email is


My socials include


Instagram: @daniellespotz

Twitter: @danispotz 




I am so thankful you stopped by to check out my website. Every single person who views this always makes my heart feel full. I hope you enjoy following along with me on my journey.



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