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What's In My Travel Tote?

Good morning you guys! Tomorrow I will be going on a trip to the Bahamas so I wanted to show you guys what's in my travel tote for the flight. Flights can be long and boring and even uncomfortable so here's what I use to make the flight as painless as possible.

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To start, I always have my rose gold Beats headphones with me. They are truly a necessity. I either use them for music or to watch a movie on the plane or simply to cancel out the noise around me. These are my favorite pair because they don't make my ears hurt like regular ear buds do.

I always always always have my computer with me (DUH) so that I can get some blogging done, use the planner on my computer, and watch movies that are downloaded. If I'm traveling during the school year, I always bring it so I can finish my assignments and write my papers. I'm wishing summer would just last a little while longer before all of that again lol.

I usually always carry my essential makeup with me in a little bag. That would include chapstick FOR SURE, lip stick, powder, and mascara. That's really the only thing I would need to touch up after a flight.

When I travel, It's like essential to have a book AND a magazine with me. I always pick up a new magazine before heading on the plane. I chose the book "Walking Disaster" which is one of my favorites! The original is called "Beautiful Disaster" and the one I have is the same story but told from a different character so it's super interesting and I highly recommend if you like intense love stories with an unpredictable plot.

One thing I like to keep with me is pen and paper. Sometimes I get so bored that doodling really helps me. I love to journal, draw, plan things out, make lists, and that's why I always keep paper handy with me. I also love my little adult coloring book- It's so therapeutic.

SNACKS SNACKS AND MORE SNACKS are a must for me. I am seriously the biggest eater (even though I can never finish what's on my plate) but I'm literally always hungry. I like to eat candy or cheese-itz during a flight. And no I don't eat healthy snacks unless it's fruit and I think bringing fruit on a plane is just gross. Moving on...

Socks are crucial to me. LOL. My feet get so cold on airplanes and I honestly hate wearing tennis shoes to a beach destination so I wear my sandals and bring cozy socks for the flight.

You have to always have your sunglasses with you, especially when you're headed to a BEACH!

Wallet and phone are just an obvious thing to have. You won't catch me anywhere without my phone unless I'm in the pool.

That about sums up what all is in my travel bag. This was a fun post to do, if you would like to see more of these kinds of posts let me know. If you're new to my site- Hello and I'm so happy you've taken the time to visit and check out my blog. Love you guys! xoxo

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