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Bahamas Roundup

Hey dazzlers! I have officially been diagnosed with post vacay sadness. Like for real, I did not want to come home from the beach ever! But, I have to face reality at some point right? We got back yesterday from the Bahamas and it was the most enjoyable and relaxing week ever. We stayed at the Atlantis and spent our days at the waterpark from sun up to sun down. There is really nothing that makes me happier than being in the sun and water surrounded by people I love. (cheesy I know) There were so many outfits that I brought on this trip that I am in love with. I have been looking forward to wearing these all summer long. I have detailed all of my outfits that have been on my instagram account with links to the pieces for you to shop easily. If you don't know by now, if you see anything on my Instagram that you like and want to buy/see where it's from and it's NOT blogged about yet; simply click the "Shop my feed" tab above and all of my pictures are there with direct links to the outfits. Enjoy a few of my vacay photos and happy shopping!


One of my favorite outfits in the entire world is this striped romper. It is so fun and honestly comfortable to wear. It feels like it fits like it was made for me. This was my top item that I bought from the Nsale. It was on sale for $35 and back up to $55 this weekend. I love that it's long in the back which makes it more accessible for fall.

Shop this look using the pictures below:

This red dress had me swooning. I felt like I was the red dress emoji the whole time while wearing it. I picked this piece because it felt just right for being on this cute island and gave me major beach vibes. It was perfect for eating and walking around the Marina. It was available at Forever21 for a LONG time but unfortunately it's out of stock at the moment. The good news is that there are TONS of pretty red dresses at Forever21 right now.

Shop this look using the pictures below:

There was nothing I loved more than wearing this AH-DORABLE lemon dress. I mean look at it! This is truly one of the most flattering dresses I have ever worn. It hugged me in all the right places but was flirty and fun in others. I love the details of the ruffles on the bottom and neckline area and this print is seriously everything to me! You can find this dress and a bunch of similar ones below.

Shop this look using the pictures below:

I don't know what it is about florals this season, but I am all about it. I keep telling myself I can't buy any more florals but there I was, buying the cutest lavender floral dress I've ever seen. I actually saw this a few months ago shopping at Altar'd State and it was $70 at the time. I didn't feel like spending so much and a few weeks ago I noticed it was on sale for $30 so I was like "DUH this was meant to be mine!" Do you ever feel like certain clothes were just meant for you? LOL. I absolutely adore the top part of this and the stretchy material and how it flows out into the most beautiful silky material. Not to mention the color of this is just so pretty! This color is out of stock but they have the same dresses in stock in a few other colors.

This dress was one of those dresses that you don't necessarily love on a hanger but when I tried it on I was like "wow this is too cute". I couldn't believe how skinny it made me look. It literally looked like it brought me in 2 dress sizes lol. I have tended to stay away from one shoulder outfits lately but this one was too cute to pass up. Unfortunately, this dress is out of stock but it was from Altar'd State.


Okay I need to start out by saying that I took a chance on this swimsuit because I ordered it from Aliexpress. I was so so so skeptical of buying it because you hear the horror stories of it being horrible material or never arriving, etc. I ordered this swimsuit for $7.00..... You heard that right, $7.00!!!! So I decided to go through with it because it's not like it was super expensive anyway. My swimsuit came in half the time that it said it would arrive and the material is GREAT and it fit me TTS and perfectly. I have never been more impressed with anything I've ordered online before. My only advice is when you try to buy things from those cheap chinese companies like Romwe, Shein, Chicwish, Aliexpress, just do your research beforehand. These companies are on the come up so make sure that when you are buying from them you look closely at the sizing charts and figure out what size will fit you because they are different than our American sizes. I had a really good experience with this swimsuit but others aren't so lucky but be aware of what you could get and do your research on the sellers and sizes. I only ordered from Aliexpress because this exact swimsuit was sold out on Romwe and I was dying for it. I am so glad I bought this because I had been wanting to try a cute one-piece and this was one is just adorable and looked amazing on.

Shop the look above with the pictures below:

I got my other swimsuits from the old trusted Boohoo. For real you guys, Boohoo has never let me down. I've said it before, but they are truly my #1 online retailer. I can find literally anything I want for ALWAYS 50% off my order. I don't know what could be better than that. I got my white fringe bikini top, my teal swim top, and my black print top from here and mixed it with my already bought VS swim bottoms. (which makes me so sad that VS doesn't sell swim anymore)

Shop the look above with the pictures below:

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