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Mexico Outfit Recap

Mexico was so beautiful and there's honestly nothing I love more than sitting at the beach or pool with the feeling of sun and warmth on my skin, listening to ocean waves. It was so peaceful and fun. The outfits I brought to Mexico were also a favorite of mine. My boyfriend Tyler got really into using my camera and taking my photos for me. (He's a trooper) I have all my outfits below with ready to shop links to make it super easy for you to shop or see where something is from. Where is your go-to vacation spot? Is it somewhere tropical? City life? Snowy? Tell me in the comments below

Outfit 1 / Polka dot top / Shorts / Sandals / Hat

Outfit 2 - Dresses gifted to me by Encreme USA

Had to include a pic of me & my man hehe

Outfit 3 / Swimsuit - Use code "Dazzle" for 20% off your order!

Outfit 4 / Colorful Dress / Wedges

Outfit 5 / Swimsuit / Sunnies

Outfit 6 / 2-piece set / Wedges

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