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  • Danielle Spotz

LWD for Summer

This little white dress will be a staple for the summer months. It's so lightweight, double lined, and flirty. All my favorite things. What I like about this dress is that it's not super plain even though it's all white. It's strapless and has ties on the side that you can tie around your arm in a bow and it synches above the waist. To dress it up even more I added big accessories so it doesn't look so plain. I wore my favorite gold drooped earrings and this hat to go with it. The hat really makes the look in my opinion. It's always nice to have a LWD on hand because you never know when you'll need to just throw on one. This one is sooooo affordable. I think like $10? I was worried about it at first but I ordered my true size which is a small.

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