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  • Danielle Spotz


Oh my goodness! I'm engaged! Saying those words is still so exciting to me and I can't even get over it. For Christmas, I went to Colorado with Tyler's family for Christmas vacation. We spent the week snowmobiling, trying to learn to ski, hot tubbing and just hanging out. It was such a fun time.

How he proposed: The day before we left, I knew Tyler and I were going on a sleigh ride just the two of us. I didn't really think anything was suspicious because that's something we would normally do anyway. His family had left to go skiing for the day and we were left to get ready for our date. I remember Tyler asking me about what pants I planned on wearing (He normally never asks about my clothes lol) As we were walking to the elevator, I remember looking at Tyler's pockets to see if I saw anything ;) and I didn't. So I thought, "Okay it's not happening today, oh well this is still going to be so fun" (Because let's be honest, I obviously have been waiting for this and KNEW it was going to happen soon, just had no idea it would be this day!) We got picked up by the driver who was taking us 30 minutes away at his family ranch where the sleigh ride would be. On the way there, the man had told me that no one else was coming so they got out the "private sleigh" for us. He also told me that they had a photographer friend in town to casually take photos of us so they could update their website. I still didn't pick up on any of these clues and just thought it was cool that we "got lucky" to get a private tour and photos LOL. We arrived, got on the sleigh and was being pulled by the most gorgeous horses. After riding for about 5 minutes, the man guiding the sleigh stopped and said he needed to "check on the horses". I didn't think anything of it, I was just happy to be here. Tyler told me we should get out and walk around and I was just like "okay". We got out and I went straight up the horses to pet them and talk to them. I was looking up at the horse and turned around when I saw that Tyler had gotten down on one knee. I was truly shocked. He began saying the sweetest things and I honestly don't remember half of what was said because I was just so surprised and happy. I don't even think I let him finish before I leaped on him to hug him and just said yes baby over and over again. That's when I saw the photographer jump out from the trees and gave us a whole photoshoot. I couldn't stop crying or shaking because I literally had a THOUGHT before we left how this would be a perfect moment, but didn't think it was happening at all. We continued on our ride, stopped to have hot chocolate and the workers brought me flowers that Tyler asked them to get on Christmas Day for me! It was seriously the most perfect and beautiful moment of my whole life. I daydream every day about reliving it again and again. I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect, and the ring.....I mean it's seriously stunning! All in all, after 7.5 years of dating, that moment was truly worth the wait. I am so incredibly happy and lucky to marry this sweetheart of a man!

Baby, I love you!

Enjoy some of the photos from this day :)

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