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Mykonos! Mykonos! Mykonos! I honestly never thought I would go here, but I am sooooo grateful that I had the opportunity to. We only had a few short days to enjoy Mykonos after Santorini so we made the most of it by having packed days. I wanted to answer a few questions that I got about Mykonos before diving into the itinerary and outfit details.


Is it worth it to visit both Islands instead of spending a lot of time on one island? YES!! I Absolutely say if you travel all this way to get to the most beautiful place in the world, why not go and see another island? I would've felt like I missed out if I didn't see Mykonos after going to Santorini because who knows if I'll ever be back? If you're spending the time to go, might as well see as much as you can!

Which island did you like better? I kept thinking about this after the trip and I honestly couldn't decide. It sounds weird, but both islands hold SUCH different memories and moments for me that I love. Each place was so different and special that I can't choose which one is better. That's why I say to visit BOTH places because you'll have such a different experience. Santorini is definitely the most picturesque place, the gorgeous blue domes, and more romantic. Mykonos has the beautiful beaches, and the party, fun vibe.

How was the plane ride? Okay... I talked about this in my Santorini Travel Guide. If you haven't checked it out, click here. It took a total of 24 hours to get there with 4 different plane rides. The way it worked for us was to fly DFW to Michigan to London to Athens to Santorini. Then we took a ferry from Santorini to Mykonos on Friday and flew out from Mykonos when it was time to go home. Because we had 4 flights going there, we had to make sure there was enough time in between the flights in case it was delayed. I thought having time off the plane helped me a lot because I could walk around and eat. I was worried about getting motion sick, so I took a dramamine and wore sea bands. I felt totally fine the entire time and slept on the flight from London to Athens. Actually, I passed out from the dramamine and couldn't keep my eyes open! I recommend trying to sleep for at least 3 hours just so you're not super jet lagged. It helped that we landed at 8pm in Santorini so we just went to sleep like normal instead of having to stay up another day- so no jet lag for us!


Friday: On Friday we took a 2 hour speed ferry from Santorini to Mykonos. We left in the morning so we could still have a full day in Mykonos. The speed ferry was totally normal despite all the bad reviews of people getting sick. It felt fine and we got there quicker than the 6 hour ferry (don't do that). Once we got to Mykonos, we checked into our hotel- Hotel Adonis. I thought this was the cutest little hotel and the PERFECT location. It took one stride down the street to get to the center of Mykonos Town. You want to stay somewhere close to town so that you can get around to places easier. After we arrived, we had lunch at this really yummy place at the Food Mall. It was kind of like a food court but nicer and better. We had burgers, pizza, fries and GYROS. We spent the rest of the day walking all in between the streets in town, saw the famous Windmills, and had the BEST dessert ever at Trio Bambini. For dinner, we went to Little Venice (which is where everyone goes to watch the sunset and have dinner or drinks). We sat down at a little place and watched the sun go down with some Pina Coladas (yum!)

Saturday: We knew we wanted a full beach day and knew Mykonos was known for their beaches. It was just a matter of choosing the right beach club to go to. We didn't want to go to a full nude beach or go to a private or expensive one. We ended up choosing to go Paradise Beach Club. Before we left, we rented a motor bike and four wheeler to go a few miles to the beach. Paradise Beach was absolutely stunning!!! They had such comfy beach chairs and there were tons of restaurants and places to grab food and drinks. It was one of my favorite beaches I've ever been to. At 4p.m. is when they start all the beach parties so that was pretty fun to see! For dinner, we made reservations near Little Venice at this Italian restaurant called D'angelo. They served homemade pasta and it was delicious. We walked around the shops more after dinner, got the same exact dessert AGAIN and went to see the windmills one more time.

Outfit: Swimsuit / Sunglasses / Hat

Sunday: Sunday we took a day trip to Delos Island. Before coming, we had heard so many recommendations to go to Delos. Delos is not a normal island. It's an uninhabited island with lots of history and they do tours there all day long. It's literally nothing but ruins. Which can be really cool if you're into that kind of thing. However, after the tour we agreed we would have rather stayed in Mykonos longer than do the day tour. It was also kind of expensive, so unless you're super into history, I would opt not to do this. I included a picture in case you're debating on doing this trip.

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