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For today's blog post I am going to be talking about different items that you could save or splurge on! I absolutely love doing these kind of things because you can still achieve the same look- but for less! And that is right up my alley being a college student. Below I've listed some of my favorite dupes that I've found and talk about each of the items at the bottom of this post. If you want to shop any of these items, just click on the picture and it will take you to the site.


1. Celine bag vs Dupe. Y'all this is such a good dupe for such an expensive and luxurious bag. You know the dupe is going to be really good quality too because it's still a few hundred but nothing compared to $2000! The bag is absolutely stunning.

2. Valentino vs studded sandal. Oh my goodness I have been looking for this dupe for over a year now and can't believe I came across this while making this post. I adore the look of this Valentino sandal on and the dupe looks extremely similar. Amazon also makes a flat sandal version if you're not into a heel.

3. Lace midi vs. dupe laci midi- I feel like this dress is a one time wear dress and for that reason I would definitely save the money and get this half off at Shein. The color, style, fit and everything is basically the exact same.

4. Expensive layered necklace vs. bauble bar layered necklace. This one is my favorite because you literally can't beat the price of the bauble bar necklace. It looks soooooo similar and would save you so much $$$$ instead of buying the over $1000 one. And for $1000 I honestly would want something that looks a bit nicer in my opinion. No one would ever know you spent that much money on that kind of necklace. Just sayin'

5. Celine Sunglasses vs. Dupe. I love the way these sunglasses look but since it doesn't have a "name brand" on the front of the lens, I don't see why not go with the more affordable option. They look extremely similar and come in other colors as well.

6. Nordstrom espadrilles vs. Shein espadrilles- These look so similar. I honestly don't mind spending money on shoes because I go for the quality- BUT there are so many styles of espadrilles out right now that if you only wear these for a season you could always go with the more affordable option.

7. Nordstrom Gingham one piece vs. Sheins- I really am not one to spend more than $70 on a swimsuit because I just don't see the point. There are so many similar options that are way less expensive and have just as good of quality.

8.Nordstrom Lace Up tank vs. Forever 21- I just ordered the Forever21 tank and can't wait for it to come in. It has the same exact look and I got it for so cheap. This isn't a tank I would wear every day so I'm not worried about it lasting for the next 10 years. It's not the type of shirt I would "invest" in.

9. Steve Madden vs. Shein- Okay here's the thing- I LOVE Steve Madden and have shopped there since I was in middle school. But, as I get older I've started to realize that almost every style they make has come out at Target or Shein or Forever21 and look and feel identical to me. Sometimes I go for the Steve Madden and sometimes I go for the Target or Shein one- it just depends.

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