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  • Danielle Spotz

#NSALE Top Category Picks (Almost all under $50)

Happy official Nordstrom Anniversary Sale everyone! I know literally every blogger in the world has been talking about this for a week and you might be extremely tired of it at this point. But, it's the official public day to shop the sale and I wanted to be a good resource for those of you who want to shop things fast and efficiently. I have everything broken down by category below with all of my favorite finds from each category. Each of these things are super popular items that will probably sell out. I hope this helps you shop fast and easy. Take a look at my picks, add things to your own cart and then go browsing for yourself. Remember you can click on any picture to start shopping. And as a reminder, as a blogger I do make a small commission if you use my links to shop items. For example, just clicking a picture below and then buying anything from the nordstrom website would generate a commission for me. It costs you nothing, but I appreciate it so so so much! I love doing these kinds of posts and want to continue creating content (The pics above are some of my favorite. This sweater is from the #NSALE and will be a staple in my closet) I'll stop talking now so you can go shopping HA! LOVE YOU ALL.







Check out THIS post over my first picks from the #NSALE with pictures of items on me ------>

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