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  • Danielle Spotz

Kim & Proper Dress

While "work wear" is something I am not very familiar with (yet)... I appreciate a classy, elegant dress. Kim & Proper sent me this gorgeous dress and I couldn't wait to show it to you guys. Kim and Proper is known for it's unique, timeless designs. While they are a bit of a splurge, these are dresses that will LAST you a long long time. There is a type of dress for everyone. If you're looking for work wear dresses, casual dresses, event dresses, one time wear dresses, this site is for you. I adore the color, and the way it fits me. Although I am wayyyyy on the shorter side, I could probably have this hemmed an inch or two off and still be fine. If you're an "average" height, then you would have no problems with the length of it.

I also wanted to show you a few of my other favorite dresses from the site so be sure and check them out below

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