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His & Her Fashion

Hey everyone! Tyler and I truly went on an adventure to get these pictures. First of all, we went to the wrong place but already paid for it by the time we realized. Then it was literally SO muddy and of course I was wearing little booties and a dress. When I say that I was stepping in mud PUDDLES, I really was. But its fine. The shoes can be replaced, but hey at least we have fun memories! LOL. Anyway, I wanted to give some his & her fashion inspo today. I know so many couples want to do fall photoshoots, or engagement pictures, etc. Here's what we wore:

Dani: I wore this beautiful dress from Suggesty NYC. It's the most gorgeous material- lightweight, yet such good quality. I paired it with simple tan booties. Super simple look but always cute!

Tyler: Now guys are sooo easy when it comes to fall fashion. It can seem complicated if they don't have a lot of nicer clothes in their closet. Tyler ended up wearing a button down from Nordstrom and paired it with nice jeans and suede shoes. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I hope you enjoyed some of our pictures from our disastrous, yet funny pumpkin patch!

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