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A look back at 2018 + Tips for 2019

Reflecting on 2018

2018 was by far the best year of my entire life. I felt like I accomplished so much, met my academic goals, worked with incredible companies for my blog, and felt like I really LIVED in the moment and created amazing memories with people that I love. This year was really a turning point for me. It wasn't all butterflies and fairies, but when I look back, I really only remember the good times. I also traveled 12 times in 12 months which is more traveling than I've ever done. Something about traveling really feeds my soul. I feel like it gives me something to look forward to, and experience new things out of my ordinary routine of school and work. Needless to say, I am feeling so grateful for this big and beautiful life and all that 2018 meant to me. When I think about what this past year has taught me, I realize that I'm only getting more sentimental the older I get. I've tried to cherish each relationship in my life and make the most of whatever time I get with them. I've made a conscious effort to not take ANYONE for granted, because life is just too short. You never know what's going to happen. I can say that this has been the most rewarding part of the year to me. When you INVEST in people, you start to realize how strong and beautiful realtionships can be. Whether that be with a significant other, friends, parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. I truly have never felt so content in my life and I'm hoping I can extend that peace and happiness to all of you in 2019. For this next year, I believe only bigger and better things are coming. I've put together some tips and goals for myself (and anyone who reads this and thinks this applies) that will help us conquer 2019 together.

Tips and Goals for 2019

LIVE IN THE MOMENT: How much time do we spend on our phones? I'm so guilty of being on my phone at dinner time, or riding in the car with someone. Let's try to put our phones down during dinner and talk to people. I think we would really see a change in the way we see our life if we spend more time being present and less time in front of a screen. You never know the kinds of discussions or moments you'll start to experience once you consciously choose to live like this.

ORGANIZE YOURSELF: The new year is always the best time to get yourself organized. Whether you're a student and want to better organize your academic schedule to do better, or you're an adult who wants to organize their finances and get things sorted. Or maybe you're just a girl like me with too small of a closet and too many clothes that needs to be organized. Let's declutter our lives and start a new clean slate (figuratively and literally)

GET RID OF TOXIC PEOPLE/ THINGS IN YOUR LIFE: I have learned that there is absolutely no room in your life for people who only bring negativity to it. The only people who should be in your circle are the ones that support you, love you, encourage you, and ENHANCE your life. If there are people in your life that keep bringing you down, why bother anymore? Cut the ties and keep moving forward. The new year is the perfect time to get rid of any toxicity. Watch and see how much your life changes when you make this decision.

SET YOUR OWN PERSONAL GOALS: I have no clue what's going on in your life. But, I do mine. Each year I make a list of goals and put them in my room so I remember it all year. I really try to live by my goals because it's important to work on bettering yourself and bettering your life. There is always room for improvement, so I can encourage you to think of a few goals you'll try to accomplish this year. I'll let you in on a few of my goals (Start BBG and do it for 6 months, each more grilled chicken and veggies, make the president's list, dominate my internship, and more)

TRY SOMETHING NEW: (Like really, extremely, wildly, new) Earth is SO big and there are soooooo many opportunities out there to do something, eat something, see something, etc. I challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and try something you wouldn't normally do. Trust me when I say that this only expands on who you are as a person and who knows, the one thing you could try, could end up being something you can't live without.

SAVE MONEY FOR SOMETHING YOU WANT: Everyone deserves to spoil themselves every once in a while (or all the time) If you are in a position where you really want to do something, I encourage you to plan something out, save the money for it this year, and DO IT.

GET AHEAD IN YOUR CAREER: Like I said above, the earth is big and there is a lot of people on this earth who can do what you can do. Luckily, there is NO ONE LIKE YOU in the entire world. There is room for ALL of us to succeed and prosper, if we so choose to. If you want to be on the path towards success, make some moves that will help advance your position or get the position you want. Introduce yourself. Write an email. Reach out to people. Do something that will impress others. Whatever it is, be proud of yourself for trying. Because trying goes a lot further than someone who doesn't.

PRACTICE KINDNESS: To me, this is a "duh" statement. However, I've been around some not so kind people and I think it's important to be consciously aware of your actions and attitudes. The way you act affects those around you whether you realize it or not. Being kind doesn't mean letting people walk all over you, but it does get you a heck of a lot further than those who aren't. People recognize kindess and they appreciate when they are shown some sort of kindess. You, yourself will be so much better of a person for choosing this over bitterness.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF: Life can be hard sometimes. But there are healthy ways to deal with things that don't go your way. Take time this year to take care of YOURSELF. Learn to love yourself a little bit more, give yourself some slack, and do things that benefit you. We are a society of constant movement and business. It's okay to slow down sometimes and get a little "you" time in.

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