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HAPPY #NSALE PEOPLE! It's one of the most exciting sales of the entire year. It's so special because the sale includes NEW fall items at a seriously discounted price. Card holders can begin shopping tomorrow and non card holders can begin shopping July 19th. I went to preview the sale and got to try on a few things. These were the things that caught my eye first- good basics, sweaters, jeans and shoes. There are soooo many other good items out in the sale but this was just my first run through with my first impression of what I grabbed. I'll do a post closer to the public access of the sale with my top picks in different categories like sweaters, basics, shoes, mens wear, and beauty! Stay tuned for that.

PRO TIP: I think the smartest way to shop this sale is to get only what you need and stay within your budget. It's easy to see people buying everything in this sale for no reason and it's simply "just because it's on sale". My key advice is to get those great pieces that you can mix and match with things you already have. For instance, I was really needing a good bootie for the fall. I chose a tan and a black one and stuck with those two instead of also getting a leopard and snakeskin and flats. I also think these basic sweaters and tees are perfect to get during the sale because you can mix and match and layer these pieces. Jeans are also a great thing to get during the sale because how often do jeans go on sale? I got the ones in all the pictures below for only $38 and I'll be able to wear them all year!

Good denim jeans // Chunky knit sweater // These jeans were one of the first things I grabbed. They're only $38 and fit like a glove. I love the style, wash and hem of them. This was a must have for me. I also picked up this chunky knit sweater because that's basically all I wear in the winter. It's fun to switch things up and wear a fun color like this instead of white and black. Wearing size 25 in jeans.

Leopard print dress // I picked up this leopard dress the second I saw it. I had no idea how stinking cute it would be on! The slit is sexy, but it's not TOO much. I can definitely see how you can dress this up or down. For a more relaxed look, put fashion sneakers or sandals on. For a more dressed up look, put it with black heels and a leather jacket. So cute and perfect for shorter girls. Wearing size small.

Green knit sweater // Jeans // My favorite outfit that I grabbed. This sweater is hands down the best one that I grabbed from the sale. It is the most flattering, comfortable, and cutest sweater I found. The detailing is just adorable and I think it's too cute tucked into jeans. See how I styled it further down in the post.. Wearing size small in sweater and size 25 in jeans.

Pink sweater // Another good basic sweater. This one is super heavy so it's perfect for those chilly winter days or better for someone living up north! Size small

OKAY THE CUTEST BLOUSE EVER!!!! // I didn't think I loved this blouse that much until I left the store without it. I will be back tomorrow to get this thing because I can't stop thinking about it and it's only $31. I think this is such a great blouse to have in your closet. You can wear it with jeans like I have on here, or with black pants and heels. So many different ways to wear it- that's what makes this a great piece! Wearing size small and only $31!!

Basic sweater // Every year Nordstrom comes out with a "basic" sweater, but they change the style of it slightly every year. This year is a scoop neck and tighter at the bottom. Last years was more flowy and the year before that was a v neck. I was surprised that I liked this sweater so much. This is a great piece to have in your closet if you're wanting something you can wear by itself or wear with multiple layers. You can wear this sweater so many ways- with scarves, leather jackets, jean jackets, army jackets, pea coats, vests, and so much more. This one is also only $25 and comes in a bunch of colors. If there is only 1 sweater you get in the sale, let it be this one. You can't beat the price and you can't beat how versatile it is. Wearing size small.

Chunky knit sweater // This one is a fun sweater if you're looking to change up your style from plain colors. I love the colors in this and think this is perfect for winter time. I can't wait to wear this with leggings and uggs!! Wearing size small.

Basic sweater // Same one as the cream one, just in this beautiful green color. Wearing size small. $25

BOOTIES // JEANS // SWEATER //How I styled that chunky green knit sweater with these jeans. Also put it with my new Vince Camuto booties. I've seriously never loved a pair of booties more in my life. They are unbelievably comfortable and feel like butter on the inside! I 100% recommend getting these booties. Even if you just buy one thing from the #NSALE, let it be these. I can't say enough good things about them and you'll definitely be able to get your moneys worth. They go with absolutely everything.

Stay tuned for my next post covering the best of the best in each category!

For now, take a look at my first impression of the sale and what items caught my eye. You can shop by clicking the pink links below.

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